The Shepherd Calls


The Significance of God’s “Asks”
Have you ever considered God’s selection of His servants? Abraham was an idol maker when God called him. Moses was a wanted man hiding in the desert when God called him. Gideon was the least person in the least tribe. Joseph was a spoiled tattletale. David was the youngest of the sons of Jesse. Jacob was a true scalawag; still he found a place in the lineage of God’s chosen people.
The people Jesus called to be His disciples were not leaders in the synagogue. They were fishermen, tax collectors---everyday, ordinary people. What did the Lord see in these people that caused Him to select them? He saw something you and I cannot see. He saw receptive hearts, humble hearts, hearts that could live by faith in God. God often takes what is small and insignificant and makes it large and important.
You may consider yourself an everyday, ordinary person. That is good, the Bible tells us not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought. (Romans 12:3) What if, following His usual pattern, God called you to complete a task for Him? It need not be a large task like leading a nation out of bondage or moving to an uncivilized land. What if He asked you to write a card to a suffering person? Would you, do it? What if He asked you to take some cookies to those unfriendly neighbors next door? Huh? Would he find a receptive heart in you?
You may think those matters too small for God to be involved. Nothing is too small for God. He is involved in everyday stuff. And like we stated above, He often takes the small and insignificant matters and makes them great and holy. Think about it. Before you discard this column, pray about it. God could surprise you!