Proposition Cardinal Projects Have Begun


This past week, the turf at Cardinal Stadium began being removed and will be replaced with new turf to ensure a safe experience for the Cardinals and community members who utilize the facilities.
Did you know . . .
*In a single season, approximately 900 youth football players from Clinton and surrounding communities utilize the field for games?
*Approximately 40 youth soccer players benefit from the use of the field?
*High school and middle school baseball teams use the field for practice?
*High school girls and boys soccer teams use the field for practice and games?
*Physical education classes from CMS, CIS and Henry are often at the field/track on days when weather permits?
*Multiple summer events are hosted on the field?
*Community members also utilize the turf and track for physical activity?
*And so much more!
Thank you again to our community for supporting Proposition Cardinals in April!
As a reminder, the track and football field are closed and will remain closed until the completion of the turf replacement and track resurfacing. It is anticipated that the facility will be able to reopen around the beginning of August.