Have I Got A Line For You!


Ran across a program on religious intrigue last night and found that it has garnered a lot of protest. That’s because it’s about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the belief by some that they were married and may even have had a child. It was titled, “Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci.” This theory has been bouncing around for a long, long time, but kept quiet. If you’d like to know a fascinating, but wild story about secret places, hidden treasures, the Knights Templar, Columbus, Henry the Navigator, monarchs of Europe….. get on the internet and check Cathars and Merovingian and see what was going on.
If the above isn’t enough to rock our boats, how about the White House saying they lowered the cost of Thanksgiving dinner for everyone. What reality do they live in? Prices this year were higher than 2022! Only in D.C. is a decrease in the rate of increase a cut. There’s more than this insanity though. In New York two jailed Gambino mobsters were granted bond in time for the holidays by a Brooklyn judge. He said, “The current crop of mobsters aren’t as violent as their predecessors.” These New York courts are a scene right out of Tammany Hall with more corruption today than during the Boss Tweed days. There is no justice, no common sense, just a mess of deals and favors.
I see quotes from others current and past, that I like to keep and here are two that winged my way:
“Ronnie’s long journey has finally taken him to a distant place where I can no longer reach him.” Nancy Reagan
“It’s a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.” Andrew Jackson
“God always answers prayers. Sometimes it’s “yes.” Sometimes the answer is “no.” Sometime’s it’s “you gotta be kidding.” Jimmy Carter
Read an article that some little towns in Missouri have the highest sales tax rates in the state. Clinton’s sales tax sounds good, compared to Saint Ann City. It’s a small suburb of Saint Louis and the tax rate is 11.99%. Clinton’s tax is 8.1%. In Warsaw, it’s 9.1%. I remember years ago when voters approved a half-cent sales tax to pay for new paved roads to Wal-Mart. They apparently, just couldn’t afford the paving bill.
I’ve exhausted my supply of knowledge for the day and wish you well Old Buddy.
Til Next Week: