Get To Know Clinton, MO Businesses!


Company Name: Creative Paints & Supplies LLC.

Owner/Manager Name: Owner - Keith Weston

Corporate / family operated: Family-owned & Operated.

Year started / years in business? Creative Paints opened in the mid-80s, but I bought it 7.5 years ago.

What made you become a business owner? I always dreamed of working for myself. After I graduated from UCM in Warrensburg, I was lucky enough to find the opportunity to purchase Creative Paints from Allen Huff.

What was your mission at the start of your company? Honestly, I didn’t have much of a mission. I was entering an industry that I wasn’t very familiar with, so I have just done my best to learn everything I can about paints and painting techniques in order to best help my customers.

How did you come up with the company name? It was already named Creative Paints. I chose to keep the name as that’s what everyone already knew it by.

What services or products do you offer? I sell commercial and residential paints and painting supplies. I also sell wallpaper and custom window treatments.

How many employees do you have? None. It’s just me at this time.

What qualities do you look for in new employees? I look for someone with at least a basic knowledge of paint and painting techniques. I also look for someone who is dependable and trustworthy.

What made you start a company in this industry? My dad was a painter for almost 4 decades. He knew a lot about paint and I knew that with his knowledge and help, I could be successful in an industry that I was new to.

What made you choose your company’s location? It was already located on the Clinton Square when I purchased the business. I love the activity and atmosphere that the Square provides, so I kept it here.

Does your company give back to the community? (Example youth sports, donations, volunteers, clubs.) Yes, I often donate auction items, gift certificates, and cash to various organizations. I’m particularly proud to give to the Clinton High School Theatre program, the Clinton Athletic Association, and the sports put on by Clinton Parks & Recreation.

What is unique about your company? How do you advertise? We are the only locally-owned paint store in Clinton. I live and work in Clinton, so the money you spend here stays here. Plus, in regards to our custom window treatments, I’m the only one you’ll deal with. You get to have the owner be the one to measure, consult, and install your blinds. This helps me provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction. My advertising varies quite a bit. I switch back and forth between the newspaper, the local radio stations, and social media ads. Also, I also have a billboard between Clinton and Warsaw.

What are your company’s goals for the next year? I just recently purchased a brand new automated paint tinting machine to improve our products and the customer experience here at the paint store. My goal is to leverage this new equipment to increase sales and positive customer feedback. I’m also not great about posting to our Facebook page, so I’m going to try really hard to improve on that next year!

Favorite customer experience? My favorite experiences are the times I use the knowledge I’ve gained over the last seven and a half years to help customers who don’t know what they want/need. I’ve learned a lot and am always so happy to pass that information on to those who need it.