Get To Know Clinton, MO - Emily Eberting


NAME:  Emily Eberting


YEARS IN Clinton: 34

FAMILY: Arthur, Debbie and Scott Eberting.

THE BEST THING ABOUT LIVING IN Clinton IS: The Community and how family friendly it is!

OCCUPATION: Clinic Manager at Eberting Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic.

WHAT I WANTED TO BE WHEN I Grew Up: All thanks to Steve Irwin (RIP) - I wanted to milk venomous snakes for professionals who would help create anti-venom for bite victims. Would have been a cool job history on a résumé, right?


FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Visiting the Kennedy Space Center (NASA)

THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE WAS WHEN: Now! Seeing my Dad (Dr. Arthur Eberting) help care for thousands of patients. He’s treated so many who were suffering from pain and injury, some with little hope of ever getting better. But because of him, they received the care they needed and can now enjoy life again. Congratulations on 40 years of giving Chiropractic healing and wellness to the community, Dr. Eberting!

MOST EMBARRASSING moment: When my parents brought my baby brother home from the hospital, they wanted to give me the chance to “meet” him. Obviously, they didn’t leave us alone, so they went around the corner and watched us. I walked straight up to him, bent over and poked him right in the eye. They’ve never let me live it down.

WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST IN YOUR FRIENDS: My best friend Kelly, she is the example of how a person should treat their closest friend(s); strength, loving, involved and trustworthy. (“Hi, Kelly!”) Extended family shout-out - Kitty, Chuck and Andy. You guys are the best.

YOUR GREATEST FEAR IS: Poking my brother in the eye…again.

I HOPE I NEVER HAVE TO: Fight zombies.

I’VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO: Fold a fitted sheet. Even after watching tutorials….

IF I WON THE LOTTERY, I WOULD: Open an Owl/Raptor Rehabilitation and Education Facility. Surrounding schools and organizations could bring youth and adults to help educate them about the animals, environment and care they need. Animals too injured to return to the wild would “retire” to our facility and live out their best life!

MY DREAM TRIP WOULD BE TO: Snorkel around the great barrier reef.

HOBBIES: Reading, exercise, art, camping and occasional fly fishing.

FAVORITE BAND OR MUSICIAN: Definitely 80s/90s music! I can’t single one out.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Oh man, Avatar?

FAVORITE DRINK: Water. Btw, have you drank your water today?

FAVORITE SNACK: Charcuterie board!


FUTURE GOAL: Travel the United States to see all the awesome State Parks.

WHICH PERSON DO YOU ADMIRE MOST: My brother, Scott Eberting. He’s a Guardian in the Space Force. And my mom, she’s a warrior. Additionally: You! (the reader) Look at everything you’ve accomplished and survived through. I hope whoever is reading this knows how absolutely awesome they are!

ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE YOUR YOUNGER SELF: Be proud of being, “weird”! And definitely don’t hide it. WORDS TO LIVE BY: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.” The Lorax