Scooters May Be Coming To Clinton Sidewalks

Luke Edwards
Posted 5/12/22

The Clinton City Council met in open session, May 3. Councilmen Gene Henry and Roger House were absent. Mayor Moberly presided. Following the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance, the previous …

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Scooters May Be Coming To Clinton Sidewalks


The Clinton City Council met in open session, May 3. Councilmen Gene Henry and Roger House were absent. Mayor Moberly presided. Following the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance, the previous meeting's minutes were approved. There were no personal appearances.
David Lee, Clinton Chamber Director, reported to the council. Highlights of his report include: the back nine of the disc-golf course is open; a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on March 19. He reported that the Clinton Ag and Clinton Chamber organizations presented checks recently for the purpose of establishing a CHS school farm. Also presented was funding from the Clinton Tourism Association for the Clinton Cardinal Bass Fishing Club.
Director Lee reported to the council that there may be a new way to get around Clinton soon: electric scooters (rentals). The business that rents them is The Bird, individuals will use their phones to reserve and pay for the rentals; stations for these will be placed all about town. The company tracks the movements of the scooters and, although not all details are known, it is hoped they will be here in time for Olde Glory Days. One will have to be 18 to use the app.
Lee reported that Academic Excellence Ribbons were delivered recently. This is the 34th year the Chamber has participated in the awards program and it will include CCA (Clinton Christian Academy) students this year.
David Lee reminded the council (and anyone in particular that might have been listening) that any person (individual, group, club, business) can be a sponsor for Olde Glory Days. Inquire at the Clinton Chamber for more information.
Tina Williams (Clinton Main Street Director) delivered the Clinton Main Street report: she reported that there have been $100,000 in improvements downtown during the first quarter of the year. Downtown is expecting new businesses, one of those and artisan craft store. She reported that, unfortunately, the square will be losing two businesses: one moved to an online model, however, Blue Bird Mercantile will be closing at the end of May. Williams reported 285 volunteer hours for Clinton Main Street in the first quarter and that they have also attended three trainings. Williams reminded those present that the first Cruise Night event is May 14. The opening Cruise Night will feature, again, The Smokey and The Bandit folks for entertainment; she hopes The Bird Scooters will be available at that time as well. Williams concluded her report by noting that the successful Veterans Banner program for downtown will again be rolled out this Fall.
The Second Reading of Bill No. 2022-07 was held (and approved) (regarding the rezoning of 310 East Ohio).
The Public Works Committee report was given by Councilman Cameron Jackson. It was reported that Jackson was appointed as the chair of the committee.
Street Department: the council approved the bid from Capital Paving (Resolution No. 15-2022). The bid will cover work for Third Street (from Sedalia Street to Green Street) and Eighth Street (from Bodine to Calvird). It was reported to the council that the Franklin Street Bridge Project is paused as the city is waiting for a response from the Corp of Engineers regarding it. Councilman Jackson clarified with the city administrator to see if any response had been received since the Public Works meeting: “Still waiting,” said Administrator Christy Maggi.
The Street Department will be reaching out to businesses around the Rives Road Bridge Project. The bridge will need to be closed during certain days during construction. Also, the concrete pad for the Street Department's new fabric salt building is completed. Work will begin on the construction of the building as soon as possible.
Councilman Jackson reported the materials for the belt-filter repair at Waste Water are in and should be completed in about 3 weeks. A check-valve for one of the lower level pumps had been scheduled to be shipped on April 29; there was no word on whether it had been shipped as yet. Also part of the supply chain issues were parts concerning an actuator and valve which the city is awaiting shipment of.
The sewer-shed surveillance project reports a slight increase in COVID materials, though only a slight increase. Alliance (Clinton Waste Water Pant/operations) recently received a safety award for being one of the stellar organizations in the state. It was reported that City Administrator Christy Maggi met with the Henry County Commission on April 26 about the storm drains connected to the courthouse: it was reported that Dan Scherer (Alliance) and the commission were looking into what could be done to rectify the situation.
Councilman Jackson reported that the demolition at 118 and 120 South Main (on the square) is proceeding. The demolition is, according to one report, about 15% complete.
Councilman Jackson reported the city is struggling to find seasonal employees to mow at the cemetery – and the city may have to look into contracted work for mowing before Memorial Day. A motion for the city to solicit bids for a maintenance shed concerning the footings and the structure itself at the cemetery was approved.
The Public Safety report was given by Councilwoman Debbie Smith. The committee nominated Councilman Gene Henry to be the chair (he was absent this evening, however). It was reported that of the 11 applicants who had applied to the Clinton Fire Department, eight confirmed they would be attending testing: three passed the physical. Formal interviews were held May 5. Also reported was that the Clinton PD vehicles should be delivered in October (they were ordered in June).
The Finance Committee report was given by Councilman Daniel Wilson (who was also selected as the chair). The matter of the interior painting of City Hall and the Police Department were tabled. It was reported to the council that a discussion about city employee health insurance was held at the finance meeting. The plan is to look at other comparable cities and eventually hold a work session where various insurance agencies can present. The Clinton Daily Democrat was able to get a photo of one of the city representatives present at the finance meeting discussing their concerns with the current health insurance plans (Sergeant Shane Lawson, Clinton PD; he was not the only city employee present in regards to this matter). Concerns about the high rates have prompted the discussions.
Mayor Moberly's recommendation of Karen Polselli's appointment to the Cemetery Board was approved.
City Administrator Christy Maggi reported to the council a public meeting will be held (at some point) at the Clinton Benson Center regarding Truman Lake Corps land. A master plan (established in 1988) will be evaluated on how the corps categorizes land. Since the city leases a lot of land from them, it is important to be involved.
Unfinished business: the council approved Resolution 16-2022 regarding pipe cleaning services (with Ace Pipe Cleaning). A bid for the rehabilitation of the street department's building was approved for Septagon. At the time of the bidding, it was estimated to be about $150,000 – bids are coming in now, however, at nearly $200,000 (actually, only one bid was received and the folks that gave the original estimate did not bid on the project); the plan is to use cash reserves to fund the difference. “The project needs to be done,” commented City Administrator Christy Maggi. There is water coming in under the building and the roof is leaking.”
Final new business for the council included the first reading of Bill No. 2022-08 which will release the city's tax lien on the property at 331 North Water. It was explained by the City Attorney that multiple liens exist on the property – one of those being the county which, by statute, gets first dibs.
Council adjourned at about 6:34 p.m.


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